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Introducing Donald E. Doyle, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Doctor Doyle is an otolaryngologist, and received his board certification in October 1976, from the American Board of Otolaryngology. Doctor Doyle's career as an inventor began during his first year of otolaryngology residency. He filed his first application for a United States Patent on September 16, 1974. That first patent was for the Doyle Intranasal Airway Splint, which has been available since 1975.

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Doyle Intranasal Airway Splint Doyle Bi-Valve Airway Splint

As of this writing, Doctor Doyle has 28 medical patents and thirty patents overall. There are several patents pending, which involve not only otolaryngology but general medicine and even baseball.

Doctor Doyle has spoken about his patented devices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Cologne, Germany, and has published articles describing the purpose and use of the Doyle Splint, Doyle Staxi-Stat, Doyle Spacer Splint, and the Doyle Patient Friendly Nasal Pack. Doctor Doyle can be contacted at his Office - Phone (209) 216-3300.